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Laptops with a screen size of 10 inch are also termed as netbooks. These netbooks provide lower performance when compared to large-sized laptops. The best 10 inch laptops find their usage in entertainment, surfing the internet, instant messaging and document handling. These low priced laptops are portable being lightweight and ideal travel companions due to their longer battery life.

Deciding upon the specification which should be given preference while selecting a laptop is crucial. If you are keen on picking up a 10 inch laptop, make sure it has at least 1 GB RAM and 320 GB HDD storage capacity. Some basic features which should be included in 10 inch laptops are integrated webcams and microphones. You should definitely check out the laptop for its battery life, design, keyboard layout and networking capabilities.

Currently, Asus Eee laptops have excellent battery life of 12.5 hours best suited for traveling. Another entry in these 10 inch laptops running for more hours is Toughbook from Panasonic. Gateway laptops stand last in the race of long battery life as they can operate only for 4 hours.

Considering laptops' durable designs, Toughbook line of laptops from Panasonic are rugged and can withstand accidental drop. But, these high specced Toughbooks are more expensive and bulkier in comparison to other 10 inch laptops. To be more productive, the keyboard in these netbooks should have wide keys and comfortable keyboard layout for easy typing like those in Acer laptops. Moreover, for casual browsing you may opt for cheap laptops from Gateway. For full fledged internet usage and document writing, HP would be the right choice.

Referring to our listing of the best 10 inch laptops would surely help you in bringing home your perfect device.

Buying tips to find the Best 10 inch Laptop of 2014

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