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Most high end compact cameras come with at least 10 MP resolution. With resolution of 10 Megapixel, you can get pretty excellent quality prints up to 19x12 inches. Otherwise, unless you are planning to blow up your prints to poster size, the megapixel count does not per se affect the image quality. The best digital cameras with resolution of 10 MP are generally the premium compact cameras and the entry level dSLR's.

Apart from the resolution, also check other factors such as sensor size, lens quality etc before buying. Having a very high resolution with a cheaper sensor means more number of pixels packed together which could increase the noise. This noise is more significant at higher ISO's while shooting in low light. Therefore also weigh in factors such as ISO performance. The best 10 MP resolution digital cameras have a decent performance at higher ISO's and use bigger sensors, and the dSLR's definitely have an edge where these two factors are concerned.

Buying tips to find the Best 10 Megapixel Digital Camera of 2014

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