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Laptops with a display size of 17 inch are efficient and can replace desktops owing to their high end configurations and large screens. If you are looking for a large-size notebook which can be moved away from the desk at times, you need to opt for the best 17 inch light laptop weighing between 5.5 lb and 6.5 lb.

The lightest 17 inch laptops should be portable in order to avoid the strain and fatigue which result from carrying heavy devices while traveling. In addition to powerful graphics card, the best 17 inch light laptops are mostly configured with AMD A8 Quad-Core and Intel Core i7 processors for usage in games, design and multimedia. Also, extended RAM up to 8GB are common in light 17 inch notebooks. Furthermore, SSDs are more suggestible as they do not contain any moving mechanical parts like HDDs, therefore discarding the additional weight to provide the lightest 17 inch laptops.

Aluminum and carbon fiber bodies account for lightweight and sleek design of these 17 inch laptops. Try opting for the laptops having high-resolution screens and good audio support for movies and games.

Options from manufacturers:

  • Currently, Samsung offers 17 inch laptops weighing 5.5 lb and having high-resolution screen of 1600 x 900 pixels. These laptops from Samsung running on Windows 8 are Wi-Fi enabled and include webcams. Some series from Samsung do not include Blu-ray drive in order to keep the notebooks' weight light.
  • Besides, the companies manufacturing lightest 17 inch laptops are Toshiba and Razer. Razer produces light 17 inch gaming laptops with unique trackpad and customizable keys.Toshiba also has light and high performance gaming laptops in store for you. These 17 inch notebooks from both the manufacturers are portable.
  • Moreover, HP has less expensive 17 inch laptops weighing about 6.2 lb which are sufficient to meet basic computing needs.

In an attempt to help you choose the lightest desktop replacement notebooks, we present here a list of the best 17 inch light laptop based on the topmost opinions of major review sites across the internet.

Buying tips to find the Best 17 inch Light Laptop of 2014 - 2015

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