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Gaming monitors require perhaps a few specifications that a normal monitor used for browsing need not have. This is largely because today's video games typically flow with high speed action scenes and sequences with a whole lot of picture detail and HD res; something a traditional browsing monitor might not be able to keep pace with.

For you to be able to beat your opponent, your 24-inch monitor must be able to display crisp, sharp and vibrant images, so you know exactly where your running or firing. This means good contrasts and here is where a 24-inch LED monitor might be much more effective than its LCD counterpart. LED displays have always been known for their better picture clarity through better colour dynamics and higher contrast ratios.

Your 24 incher needs the best response time to zoom in and out of places. The most frustrating thing while deeply immersed in your game is a screen lag or blur every time there's a a fast moving scene. This is bound to happen if the response time of your monitor is above 4 - 6 milliseconds. The best 24-inch gaming monitors have a response time of not more than 2ms if it has a TN panel, and not more than 6ms with an IPS panel; and consequently deliver excellent clarity even during action packed scenes.

Next, you have a choice between TN panels and IPS panels. While TN panels are cheaper and boast better response time than IPS panels, they have pretty inferior contrasts, colour accuracy and viewing angles. IPS panels have wide viewing angles, and excellent picture quality, but response time of around 6ms at best (as opposed to a TN panel's sweeping 2ms). Nevertheless, gamers often value response time over picture quality or viewing angles, so A TN panel on your 24-inch monitor might deliver much more satisfaction than the IPS one.

Additionally, although most monitors these days have HD displays it is always better to make certain it has 1080p and not just a 720p. Given below is our list of the top rated 24 inch gaming monitors all of which have a response time of 6ms or lower.

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