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As the saying goes, all good things come in small packages. The best of the HDTV's at this 24 inch screen size delivers its goods with picture quality in high definition. The quality of both picture and sound is pretty good compared to the bigger sized models. Having a minimum refresh rate of around 60Hz means picture is sharper with brighter images. Most of them have a display resolution of 1080p but there are models having 720p resolution both of which inturn lead to a better quality output. Dark room performance is not a plus point for these TV, but score high in the ambient or bright room settings.

HDTV Features:
The most rated 24 inch TV set are usually LED or LCD flat panels. All have smart TV features such as Wifi, ethernet, good browser support. Most of them have good selection of apps for content selection and some of the brands even have their own online store for their apps. All the top brands try to ensure easy navigation for selection of the apps. Wide range of providers such as Netflix, HuluPlus, Vudu etc who can enable viewers to either stream the online content or download them onto the drives for later viewing.

The small sized 24 inch HDTVs are typically used as a secondary set in bedrooms or in small houses with space constraints. Easy to setup and install with basic connectivity such as HDMI, component, composite with VGA, USB option available in some of the TV sets. The basic connectivity is maintained for providing access to the various external devices such as BluRay discs, DVD players, home theaters etc. Because of its compact size and PC input you can even use it as a PC monitor. Usually weighing less than 20lbs, the best 24 inch sets can be even wall mounted to minimise space.

The most desirable factor in a 24 inch HDTV is the pricing. Getting all the HDTV features albeit at a limited range and a compact size is what a budget TV is all about. Priced within a nominal range of $150 to around $250, the major players in this category are Toshiba, Vizio with Panasonic giving company.

Considering these points we have listed the best 24 inch HDTVs which combines the good features of the mid to big screen flat panel TVs and are shown below. Have a look at these compact and budget HDTVs and their specs before making a purchase.

Buying tips to find the Best 24 inch HDTV of 2014

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