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Your first battle while looking for the right HDTV is choosing the display technology, and 2013's 32" HDTVs can run on one of three kinds of display technology: traditional LCD, Plasma and LED LCD. To know more about these panels, do visit our LCD TVs, LED TVs or Plasma TVs page.

Broadly speaking, with a 32" TV you can sit as far as around 80" away from your telly to get the best out of your 720p or 1080p resolution.

32" HDTVs are available with 3D and SmartTV features too and depending on the brand it's either passive or active 3D, with or without included glasses. Having a 32" SmartTV means you get to access specific movie sites on the web and stream any videos you like. If you intend to use your TV for video conferences or browsing the Internet, make sure the SmartTV comes with a Full Web browser and Skype compatibility.

Reviewgist's listing of the best 32" HDTVs take into account all the available features and display a set of the best models of various brands based on their overall ranking.

Buying tips to find the Best 32 inch HDTV of 2014

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