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While you're probably familiar with the fact that LED TVs are actually LCD panel TVs that apply LED backlighting technology, it's worthwhile to know that these LED TVs come in two kinds: Full Array lit/ Direct lit LED TVs and Edge lit LED TVs, depending on the type of backlighting method they deploy. Now, while 32-inch Direct lit TVs have the LEDs placed directly behind the display panel, Edge lit TVs have the LEDs placed all around the edges of the screen.

As always, there are pros and cons for each. Edge lit LED TVs are quite popular due to their slim panels that make for very sleek and convenient wall mountable models.

Full Array LED TVs on the other hand can (if the manufacturer wishes) incorporate a feature known as "local dimming", which means the TV has separate control over different groups of LEDs and is capable of dimming or even completely turning off individual groups of LEDs to get a pure black in scenes which need the utmost degrees of contrast. Typically in edge lit LED TVs this is not possible, so scenes requiring deep black contrast are obscure and intricate details could be lost. However Samsung, Sony and a few others have come out with Edge lit LED TVs with local dimming, but the picture quality of these can't really match up to conventional Direct lit TVs with local dimming.

Since LED TVs are available in an overwhelming range of sizes, you've beaten half the dilemma of choosing the best LED TV once you've decided on a screen size. 32" LED TVs are like all LED TVs, Full HD with resolutions of 720p, 1080p or higher. What's more, some 3D, 3D-Ready and SmartTVs too, are available in a 32" panel, though you probably won't get the best 3D experience with a display of this size. So scroll down our list of best 32" LED TVs derived from the top rated 32" LED TVs available in the market, to check out the choice of features that are open for you.

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