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The mechanism of 3D cameras of 2013, goes like this: It combines two pictures of the same object, with a slight angle variation. This can be done by the camera itself if it implements two separate lenses; or by the user taking two pictures focussing from slightly different angles.

To experience the real 3D experience, choose a subject that has different things which are located at different distances from an object which is in the foreground; in front of the camera.

It is just a plain marketing strategy that the regular point and shoot camera manufacturers use when they advertise '3D' as one of their product features. So, it would be better not to spend extra on just 3D feature, instead , opt for a camera having similar features except the 3D. Moreover it should be known before buying 3D cameras that photos can be viewed only if there's a 3D monitor or a 3DTV.

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