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Sony, like Samsung and Panasonic had always supported Active 3D technology through which you can view 3D in its full intended resolution, as opposed to Passive 3D which scales it down to half. In 2102, Sony began to drift from their Active 3D stance and began coming out with passive 3D TVs too. The best 3D TVs from Sony are still their Active 3D models, although their prices are steeper than the passive 3D models. To know more about Active/Passive 3D, visit our 3D TV guide.

Sony 3D TVs come in typically 3 sizes: 55", 65" and a giant 84", and are all Full HD 1080p LED TVs. The LED backlighting however, can be of two types, Direct-lit, where the LEDs are right behind the display panel, and edge-lit, where the LEDs are placed around the 4 sides of the display panel. Direct-lit LED TVs are claimed to have superior contrast levels and crisper images than their edge-lit counterparts, so that's what we're going to suggest you look for.

Sony 3D LED TVs have a high refresh rate of 240Hz and wide viewing angles along with excellent picture quality for a great 3D HD experience. What's more, these TVs are also SmartTVs with Full Web browsers and Skype compatibility to take internet browsing to the next level. Our list of the best Sony 3D TVs is a consensus of expert reviews and provides specs, reviews and buying options to ease out your purchase.

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