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LED TVs with a 40" display are available from all the major brands like Samsung, Panasonic, Vizio and Sony, with Edge LED backlit panels as well as Full LED backlighting. These models are all Full HD with 720p or higher though, 40" screens can't bring out the gain in picture quality from 720p to 1080p and higher.

You can have your 40-inch television set display 3D, stream movies online or even connect with a full web browser depending on the model you pick. If you're looking for 3D models bear in mind that you'd get either Passive or Active 3D depending on the brand; and that the 3D-Ready models do not come with the glasses which need to be purchased separately.

SmartTVs give you a certified browser to surf your way into the internet. Many of these are not just Skype-Ready, but also provide a camera for you to have the best video chatting experience. Many TVs have a feature called "Wi-Fi-Ready" which means you could connect to the internet via an adapter or ethernet port. You may not however have the liberty to browse the internet freely if they don't come loaded with a full web browser.

Our list of the best 40-inch LED TVs (below), come loaded with several brand specific features, wide viewing angles to rival their Plasma counterparts so you can optimize the seating arrangement in your TV room; and excellent refresh rates to completely eliminate motion blur and give free-flowing dynamic picture quality.

Buying tips to find the Best 40 inch LED TV of 2014

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