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The best Panasonic televisions sets are typically plasma and LED HDTVs boasting 1080p resolution even on their 40" to 42" displays.

Panasonic has been the most popular brand for Plasma TVs for quite a while now and their 42 plasmas are some of the best plasma TVs today, with cutting-edge technology for achieving deeper blacks and increased contrast for crisper picture, and better power efficiency.

Though Panasonic has not been touted for their LED HDTVs, they do have some pretty great options at the 42" display size. These TVs feature IPS and high backlight scanning for wide angle viewing and eliminating motion blur respectively.

At around the 40" screen size Panasonic offers pretty much every HDTV feature from 3D with Active shutter glasses, 3D with Polarized glasses and web browsers to go Smart. Below is our list of the best Panasonic 40" TVs rated by expert reviews and rankings.

Buying tips to find the Best 40 inch Panasonic TV of 2014

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