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When comparing LCD HDTVs, Vizio and Panasonic steal the show, but you have other brand options such as Sharp, Toshiba and LG too. LCD TVs today are all HDTVs capable of Full HD resolutions of 720p and higher. 42 inches is a pretty good screen size and these models are available with some of the best television technology that LCD TVs can offer, like 3D, Wi-Fi and Vizio even offers a set of SmartTV features on their 42" LCD through which you can connect to specific movie sites and stream your favorite stuff.

What you should note however is that even the best of these sets will not compare in picture quality to their Plasma or LED counterparts and you'd also have a much higher electricity bill since LCD TVs are less power efficient.

Speaking of picture quality, LCD HDTVs often have a rather limited viewing range, so the quality of the picture fade as the viewer moves away from the center of the screen. What you can do, is look for a wide viewing angle in the TV's specifications, say 176 degrees ought to give you a pretty flexible viewing arena. Another little issue with LCD panels is the refresh rate and response time. Most LCD HDTV manufacturers have come out with technology to provide a refresh rate of 120Hz to avoid motion blur. You should also look out for a quick LCD response time of 6ms or less to make sure you get the best out of your television set.

Right below is our listing for the best 42" LCD HDTVs, with price and technical specifications, reviews and purchasing options for each.

Buying tips to find the Best 42 inch LCD TV of 2014 - 2015

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