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HDTV's for the consumer market span a broad range of screen sizes from as small as around 22 inches, to as large as 110 inches. Your desired display size of 47 inches is available from several brands and includes oodles of price contingent features.

Since HDTVs currently have a typical resolution of 1080p and require a viewing distance of around 2.5 times the screen size for best viewing experience, you'll need to sit about 9 feet away from your 47 incher.

47-inch TVs can be found in both LED as well as plasma technology. Plasma TVs are great for rooms with little ambient light, whereas LED TVs are better fro bright rooms. To know more about whether you should buy a plasma TV or an LED TV, visit our HDTV buying guide.

Climbing up the price ladder a bit, 47-inch TVs will give you the pleasure 3D, and depending on the brand you pick, you can find either passive 3D TVs or active 3D TVs. Not sure what that is? Our guide to the best 3D TVs explains it all.

Going further up the price ladder you can have a 47-inch Smart TV. The screen size is no constraint to the best of features, whether its full web browsers, wi-fi or smart applications.

The choice of brand often depends on factors like whether you want a plasma TV or an LED TV. Panasonic is currently one of the best plasma makers in the world, while the top LED TVs are available from Vizio, Samsung and LG.

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