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Some of the top 5.1 Home theatre systems are available from Panasonic, Sony and LG, and as the name suggests it's going to be a set of 5 speakers and a subwoofer. Most of them include a compatible AV receiver and a Blu-ray player along with the speakers. Manufacturers even offer you the HDMI cable at an extra cost, but we don't advise this because we've noticed that the HDMI cable rates are often higher at these stores.

The best 5.1 HT is generally powered by 1000W (speaker and sub included)and have AV receivers in which every channel is driven. In addition, there is also the benefit of wireless choices, so if you want to avoid the whole hassle and mess of cables these 5.1 systems come with wireless speakers and wireless subs too.

Home theatre systems today do not limit themselves to audio capabilities only, but come with various other advantages for better entertainment. If your home theatre has a built-in Wi-fi you get to access online music and videos from specific websites like Youtube, Hulu Plus, Netflix etc.

Many of the leading brands allow you to operate your 5.1 HT directly from your android device like smartphone or tablet. The operative and connective features go still further if your home theatre is Bluetooth or NFC enabled. NFC means you just have to touch your NFC tablet to your player to transfer audio or video files to it, which you can then watch or listen to directly from your HT. If you have no other NFC devices, look for Bluetooth. This is a great advantage when you want to listen to your favorite songs stored in your phone, just transfer and listen to your music on your 5.1 channel home theatre.

3D is another sensational component of a 5.1 speaker set, that doesn't cost as much as it is worth. The thing about a 3D player is that, just like 3D TVs they play 2D content with excellent clarity too. However, to be able to view actual 3D, you need a 3D HDTV

5.1 Home Theatre systems come designed for various room sizes so you can pick a small set for a medium sized apartments, while larger living rooms can do great with something around 40 inch speakers. Scroll down to see the best brands and models before you buy.

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