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A 50" screen is a grand display to have and does justice to the Full HD resolutions you get on Plasma sets. While Panasonic hold their ground as the best plasma TV manufacturers, you still get some pretty attractive sets from LG, Sony, Samsung and others incorporating the best of television technology like 3D and brand specific SmratTV features.

Panasonic and some others also provide an anti-reflective coating to the glass screen to circumvent the plasma TVs main drawback of losing picture clarity due to reflection of ambient light. This however does not eliminate its reflective nature completely, so Plasma TVs are not all that awesome to have in brightly lit rooms.

If you scroll down our list of the best 50" Plasma TVs you will find a range of models with screens of 50" and above and several amenities from contrast heightening features to motion blur eliminating technology to offer you the best viewing experience at home.

Buying tips to find the Best 50 inch Plasma TV of 2014

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