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LCD display TVs are slowing being phased out by the advent of LED and Plasma TVs. As long as there are customers willing to buy, these LCD TVs will still be around. The major driving force for this trend is its picture quality available at a price which is the comparatively the less expensive of the lot.

Display Features:
An LCD TV uses traditional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlighting to produce an image. Due to this the LCD's do not suffer from image burn-ins on the screen as seen in LED's or plasma sets. A major advantage considering that you have 60 inches of screen size. The wide viewing angle seen in the best 60 inch LCD sets, allows for a great front row seat viewing with less degradation in picture quality as you move away from the TV. They also are better at reducing the glare/reflections from lightings or bright room settings.

1080p is the usual display resolution seen in these 60 inch LCD sets with a refresh rate of 120Hz. Generally these sets use anti-blur or motion enhance technologies with frequencies in the range of 120 - 240Hz to decrease the motion blur or the jarring effect seen during rapid action sports/movies/games.

Along with all the regular settings present to improve the picture quality and sound, the top rated 60 inch LCDs also have the Smart TV technology to facilitate easy internet access. Major TV brands such as Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp have their own sets of apps that cater to the different needs of the viewers whether it's related to music, videos or social networking. This is possible due to the WiFi, Ethernet connectivity provision seen in these sets. 3D feature may or may not be present in all the sets.

The going rate for any LED or Plasma TV for the 60 inch screen size is anywhere between $1000 to upwards of $3000 depending on the range of features available. Even though the LCDs are cheaper compared to LEDs or Plasmas it all depends on the features present and display size. A few dollars more is worth the excellent picture quality that you get in return.

If having 60 inches of sheer presence in your living room while giving a theater like experience when viewing is your idea of entertainment then look no further. We have made a listing of the best 60 inch LCD TVs which will help you make an informed choice on which to buy.

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