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When you speak of 60" LED televisions, you're looking at an elite range of HDTVs with the best features that television technology can offer, from high picture quality to 3D and SmartTV benefits. 60" tellies have a viewing distance of roughly 12 feet to capture the best HD viewing experience.

Being an exquisite set of TVs, 60" SmartTVs typically come with Full web browsers and are Skype compatible, so you can have the most lifelike online conferences and browse the internet as you would on a computer. However, some SmartTVs do come without a browser which means you have access to Hulu Plus and NetFlix and other specific movie sites to stream stuff from there.

You probably wouldn't like to miss out on experiencing the 3rd dimension in movies through a giant 60" telly, and you probably shouldn't. There's nothing like watching 3D HD content on a TV that size! The type of 3D depends on the brand you go in for; you can get either Active 3D, with Active shutter glasses from Sony, Panasonic and Samsung; or Passive 3D TVs with Polarized flicker-free glasses from LG and Vizio.

Moreover, the best LED TVs are touted for their picture quality and low power consumption and often rated higher than LCD and even Plasma sets.They have great response times, no motion blur and good viewing angles of 178 degrees and excellent picture quality.

Nevertheless, there is one factor to consider, and that is the kind of LED backlighting they deploy. 60" LED TVs are of two types: Full-Array LED TVs and Edge-lit LED TVs. We recommend Full-Array LED TVs with local dimming as they can highlight nuances in image details with clarity to rival the best Plasma TVs.

Our list of the best 60" LED TVs includes the leading LED TVs with screens of 60" and above. So scroll down below to check specs, reviews and finally, purchase!

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