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The best 60" HDTVs from Panasonic are their plasma TV models delivering excellent sharp and vibrant picture quality along with the 600 Hz Subfield drive for the best fast paced sports scenes performance. Even the best Plamsa TVs often have a lower light output than their LED counterparts, so these HDTVs are best suited for dimly lit rooms and let you enjoy 1080p content from a distance of 10 feet.

Being Panasonic's most elite collection, their 60" plasma HDTVs are complemented with 3D features and SmartTV features, so you can watch 3D in full HD resolution and even Skype on a giant 60" display. Our collection of the best Panasonic 60" TVs are some of the best Panasonic TVs and are derived from top rated reviewers from around the web.

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