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The 7 inch display size for tablets is very handy and offer convenient portability and performance. The best tablets, which also have impressive 7 inch screens, are among the most common and popular tablet display sizes and affordable too.

The best 7 inch tablets which can be held in single hand offer sufficient internal storage up to 128 GB for storing photos, videos and music, and some of them can be expandable up to 32GB using flash memory. The considerably good resolution, that is high definition (720p) screens come with the best 7 inch tablets.

The 7 inch lightweight tablets are perfect for web browsing, GPS navigation and reading ebooks. High-speed Internet can be accessed at 3G and 4G speeds through Wi-Fi or any internet service provider. These small tablets fit into your pocket and offer voice calling functions using SIM-based services.

The 7 inch tablets are available from most of the brands like Apple, Google (Nexus 7), Amazon (Kindle), Samsung, Acer and Dell operate on operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows.

Buying tips to find the Best 7 Inch Tablet of 2014

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