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Camera resolutions of 8 MP and above have become the de facto standard even in the entry level point and shoot camera market today. Although resolution of 8MP or more does not produce significantly better quality images than a 6 MP camera, it offers two advantages. One, it offers better quality print images at portrait size of 11x14 in. Another advantage is that it offers more flexibility to crop images.The best digital cameras with resolution of 7 MP or more are generally the point and shoots and entry-level dSLR's.

Pictures with higher resolution take up more memory on the memory card, so use the higher resolution only if you want to blow up your prints. Also, remember to check other factors which affect image quality such as sensor size, performance at high ISO's, lens quality etc before deciding which camera to buy. Entry level dSLR's usually come with resolutions of 8 MP or more, but since the sensors are bigger, they do offer more bang for the buck in terms of image quality. Also it is important to remember that while shooting in low light at higher ISO's it is best to reduce the camera resolution to avoid noise.

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