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A 70 incher is typically going to be among the most elite television sets in the market today, with no limitations on contemporary features.

70-inch HDTVs are available from all the major television brands like Vizio, Samsung and Sony and require a viewing distance of around 14 feet for the best experience.

You could begin by weighing the option of a plasma TV against an LED. We'll just summarize here what has been explained in our Best HDTV buying guide, which you could visit if you need more details. If you opt for a 70-inch plasma TV you're going to have the best contrast ratios and black levels and a superb choice for a dimply lit rooms. Plasma TVs also have zipping 600Hz refresh rates and suffer no lag during fast moving scenes. However your 70 inch plasma set might not do too well in brightly lit rooms and might offer a bad viewing experience by reflecting ambient light off the glass screen.

A 70-inch LED TV works great all lighting conditions but have lower refresh rates (the best LED TVs boasting up to 240Hz) and often lower contrast ratios. If you biased towards an LED TV, we recommend going in for a direct-lit television with local dimming. More about LED HDTVs here.

If your 70 inch HDTV has 3D capabilities it would not only give larger-than-life images but would also be terrific for gaming.

70-inch HDTVs are also available with SmartTV features from wi-fi, full web browsers and internet apps to other voice and face recognition frills. So scroll down our list to check out what's best for you.

Buying tips to find the Best 70 Inch HDTV of 2014

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