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Acer is one of the key players in the manufacturing of display monitors for home, small-office use, business-oriented purposes and gaming usages. Acer has product offerings under four different series of monitors: Touch and 3D, Design, Everyday and Professional. The latest and best Acer monitors have touchscreens and a few of them are very thin and ultra stylish. The best Acer products are energy efficient too.

Touch and 3D:

Using the latest advancements in technology, Acer is producing touch and 3D monitors running on Windows 8 operating system. These monitors implement good contrast and fast responsive screens with full HD resolution, to support touch and 3D. By implementing NVIDIA LightBoost technology, the brightness of these monitors has been doubled. The screen resolution of Acer's touch and 3D monitors range up to 1920x1080 in full HD. Acer EcoDisplay and white LED backlighting technology saves up to 68% of power consumption. The connectivity (ports) options for these monitors are USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI and DVI.


The Design series of monitors fits well as stylish display systems for various occasions and usages like gaming and other entertainment purposes. The internal speakers for some of these models add value to the cinematic experience. While producing detailed picture displays, Acer eColor Management also has control over the monitor's displaying colors, resolution and image quality. The energy efficient display technology used in this series of monitors is mercury-free LED backlighting and these full HD monitors are known for their low response times and wider viewing angles.


The products under the Everyday series of monitors are useful for playing games, watching TV and playing movies, since these monitors produce bright and vibrant pictures on widescreen displays. These slim monitors designed for compact usage, fit easily into your space. Even though these monitors are slim, they have bigger screens and some of them even have inbuilt speakers. These monitors are best suited for enjoying multimedia content at home or in the office, studio or study.


The Professional series of Acer monitors are designed for the reliable and efficient usage for SOHO (small office and home office) users, designers and students. These wall-mountable monitors can be adaptable for a clear viewing experience under different kinds of environments. The superior contrast ratios and ultra-quick response of these monitors make them look really professional. The In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology used in these monitors aims at providing wider viewing angles and more realistic and dynamic colors, causing less strain on the eyes.

Acer B296CL LED LCD Monitor


1. Acer B296CL   

Acer H236HL bid Monitor


2. Acer H236HL   

Acer T272HL bmidz 27-Inch Touch Screen LCD Display


3. Acer T272HL Bmidz    $696

Acer H226HQL bid LCD Monitor


4. Acer H226HQL   

Acer G246HLAbd LCD Monitor


5. Acer G246HLAbd    $130

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