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The best advanced point and shoot cameras provide you the more manual controls, and features than the normal point and shoot cameras at a higher cost. The higher-end hardware and features found on these cameras introduce versatility to point and shoot cameras along with the improved speed and quality.

Designed basically for simple operation and to support portability, the compact cameras for advanced point and shoot photography are found to be most useful during parties and vacations, and function as alternative to professional DSLRs sometimes. Without missing the compact nature and ease of use, the best advanced point and shoot cameras offer you manual controls like aperture setting, ISO and shutter speed found in DSLRs.

Unlike the DSLRs, the advanced point and shoot cameras still use electronic viewfinders to preview the image you are shooting, and do not support interchangeable lens - instead the high-end point and shoot cameras rely on the features like auto focusing and automatic exposure options.

Some of the other features supported by the advanced point and shoot cameras include HD video recording in 720p and 1080p format (prefer 720p for easier online sharing), optical image stabilization (useful when the camera isn't stable) and touch screen interface.

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