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Typically the best all-in-one color printers are the inkjets. Easily less expensive than the all-in-one color lasers printers, these multifunction color printers are capable of printing high quality printouts in a reasonable amount of time. You can scan, copy or print colored documents and even fax them over.

These printers can have a 15-20 ppm color output depending on the models. Having mobile device connectivity such as Apple's AirPrint, Google Cloud Print etc, and web connectivity gives you access to print color documents from either your mobile devices or when you are connected to web. The color quality depends on the type of paper used. So it recommended that good quality paper which does not bleed the colors be used. Specially manufactures papers is desirable when printing the photos. Having LCD touchscreens for easy access to the settings, makes this all in one color printers perfect for home office or small business.

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