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The best All in One Washer Dryer or Combo Washer Dryer is boon to all the people who are time, space constrained. A typical washer dryer combines both the washing & drying process together in one compact unit. The washing action is similar to that of a single washer machine unit, but the drying process is slightly different from that of the traditional dryers. As both washing & drying process occurs concurrently you end up saving both time & energy.

Depending on how the heated air / steam is utilised in the drying process, there are 2 types:
Vented - Air from the surrounding is sucked in, heated & is spun with the clothes & dries it. The steam produced leaves the house through an external vent. This cycle repeats again.
Ventless - Heated air is spun along with the clothes, picking up the moisture. This is circulated to the cooled condensation chamber. Its a separate compartment present inside the machine where it condenses the hot air to water, and which is removed by the drainage unit. The dry hot air is again circulated and the process repeats.

Listed below are some points to consider when buying the best All in One Washer Dryer:

Cleaning ability: Combo Washers dryers have the same washing ability as that of a traditional washing machine with options like the automatic detergent, fabric softener dispensers, delay start,temperature settings,water control, Allergiene cycle, etc for effective washing.

Drying Ability: Most of the All in One washer dryer have Dry Sensors which monitor the moisture content of the clothes and stops the drying action automatically when the clothes are dry. You could opt for buying a washer dryer whose working unit of the condensation chamber is made from metal rather than plastic for durability concerns.

The best All in One Washer Dryers have the lint filter, clog monitor settings to prevent damage to the laundry and machine. A lint filter is a coarse material present inside the machine along the top rim of the tub or in the drainage hose to catch any coins, bits and pieces of hair, materials etc. Regular cleaning of this filter prevents blocking & water clogging of the machine, thus increasing the efficiency and lifespan of the machine.

A clog can occur in any part of the machine such as the water inlets, drainage outlets, hoses, dispensers etc. When enabled the clog monitors settings detect if any clogs are present and warn us to take corrective action like clearing/cleaning those clogs.

Loading capacity & options: A small family should opt for a Combo Washer Dryer of 4 cu ft of loading capacity. For the washer dryer combo type, it is best to load the machine to 60% -70% capacity for effective washing & drying as it takes more time for the drying process to complete. The best selling washer and dryers or the all-in-one combo washer dryer in the market are the front loading machines.

Energy use: As front loading units consume less water, the energy required to heat air is also less thus saving on the energy bill. Energy Star Ratings provide an idea how energy efficient a consumer product is. Opt for the best All in One Washer Dryer on the market which have atleast 3 Star energy standard rating.

The Best All in One Washer Dryers listing below are the ones rated best by expert reviewers from around the web.

EdgeStar CWD1510W Ventless Combo Washer/Dryer


1. EdgeStar CWD1510W    $1,549



2. LG WM3455H   



3. LG WM3455H   

Haier HWD1600BW Ventless Front Load Combo Washer Dryer


4. Haier HWD1600BW   



5. LG WM3987HW   

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