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Amazon is an e-commerce company which apart from running online bookstore, produces consumer electronic products. Amazon emerged as the market leader for ebook readers with its Kindle Touch and Paperwhite line of products. The best Amazon ebook readers are lightweight, budget-friendly and have longer battery life.

Amazon offers the top notch ebook readers with 6 inch displays which have a high resolution and capacitive touch technology. The design is comfortable which allows you to hold these reading devices for long hours. All top ebook readers from Amazon have 2GB of internal memory, a part of which can act as a storage for your content. You can also avail cloud storage for storing books as soon as you buy them.

The best Amazon ebook reader offers provision for purchasing large number of top rated books available at Amazon store, so that you are never short of reading materials. There is a support for different content formats like TXT, PDF, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG etc.

Furthermore, these Amazon Kindle devices have excellent connectivity to internet, support for parental controls and own quick charging time.

Based on the topmost reviews from around the internet, we have prepared our listing of the best Amazon ebook readers which will certainly help you in making the smartest choice.

Buying tips to find the Best Amazon Ebook Reader of 2014

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