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The listing of best Android phones under $350 offers you some of the full-fledged smartphones: few of them are the high-end models on contract and the others are the unlocked above-midrange Android smartphones.

The latest generation of Android smartphones have Jelly Bean OS version installed on them - including the lower end models. But under $350 price, you could really expect some hardware advancements. The available unlocked Android devices mostly have the power of dual-core processors which are perfectly apt for moderate gaming and all your app handling.

With the camera resolution of over 5 Megapixel, these touchscreen phones allow you to capture pretty good photos. Most of the sub-$350 smartphones offer memory expandability and battery removability options too along with ample internal storage memory and RAM.

The under $350 price range for Android smartphones is the direct competition to the series of Lumia smartphones. Samsung offers many of the Galaxy smartphones at this price range followed by some noteworthy models from HTC and Sony (the Xperia series). Also, check out the best cellphone deals from the carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile under this specified price range.

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