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The best Android smartphones for music are those cellphones with good sound quality and have sufficient amount of memory as per the number of music files you store. Also these cellphones with Android operating system facilitate you the ability to buy (download), organize, play and share your music files using the built in music player apps along with with the various number of applications available in the Google Play Store.

Some of the cellphones listed below offer decent sound output through the dual or quad - front or rear speakers along with the offerings of efficient music control options like keys for volume control and navigating through your music files. Along with the sound output through the speakers, there is a necessity of getting good quality headphones/earphones from your Android smartphone manufacturer. Additionally, it is recommended to opt an in-ear headphones for the best music listening experience.

Our list of best Android smartphones for music is filtered based on those products which offer an internal memory of atleast 1GB and, a processor speed of atleast 500GHz for hassle free navigation through your music files. Also we have the products listed below which have good backup of at least 400 hours standby time*, necessary for listening to the music for a longer time. Here the support for various kinds of music formats depends on the hardware manufacturer.

*Here standby time is a unit to measure the battery with reference to the period after which the phone's battery gets completely drained, when connected to a network and kept idle - which practically should be high for any cellphone.

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