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The best HD audio cell phones are useful for gaming, watching movies and mainly for listening to the music. The audio output of a cellphone can be from the inbuilt speakers or from the earphones. For listening to the music or to watch a movie, it is not necessary to have the loudest sound output but a quality sound from a well designed speaker. Among the hardware enhancements, the cellphone manufacturers continuously develop the way cellphones are being able able to play the music. The best audio cellphones have dual or quad front and rear speakers. If you would prefer stereo sound output from your speakers, the best flagship smartphones from HTC, Samsung and Nokia offer you the best choices.

You would get a wide range of choices from Galaxy line of Android smartphones from Samsung under your budget if you aren't preferring to buy a high-end flagship phone. Lumia series of smartphones from Nokia also offer some of pretty good choices. Some of the highly recommended and latest models under the best audio cellphones are affordable under $350 price range.

When you are in a public place and if you wouldn't like to use the speakers, you would have the option of listening to the audio via the earphones - most of them compatible with the 3.5mm jack. This compatible jack is also useful when you have to play the audio via the external speakers and woofers. Also check out our listing of best music quality phones.

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