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Audio quality is an important part of any VoIP phone. Mainly because sound travels over internet to reach the specified caller. Lots of factors will affect the quality of sound in the best audio IP phones. They are:

Latency/Lag: It is the time between the moment a voice packet is transmitted and the moment it reaches its destination. This inturn leads to delays and echos. Measured in milliseconds (ms), a value of 150 ms is acceptable but higher values affects the audio quality.

Bandwidth: The type of internet connection you have affects the sound quality in IP phones. While lower bandwidth results in less quality in sound, a broadband connection is ideally suited if its not shared between too many devices. Typically an 1MBps is more than adequate for basic VoIP calling.

Hardware equipment: Always settle for good brands when buying IP phones. Cheap or second hand phones result in poor audio quality.

Weather conditions such as thunderstorms can cause static in the broadband connection resulting in poor audio quality.

Top brands such as Panasonic, Grandstream, Polycom have kept all these factors in mind and manufactured the best audio IP phones. They have all the regular features such as call hold, call forward etc. In addition to extra features such as voice recording, One-touch speed dial, redial, Remote missed call notification, Do not disturb function, Speaker, Voice Mail, conference call, internet features such as skype, yahoo, etc.

Take a look at the best audio IP phones from the products shown here which provides excellent sound while maintaining call quality.

Panasonic KX-UT670 IP Phone


1. Panasonic KX-UT670    $410

Fortinet FortiFone-350i IP Phone


2. Fortinet FortiFone 350i   

Polycom VVX 500 12-line Business Media Phone


3. Polycom VVX 500    $158

Invoxia NVX 610 Voice over IP Desktop Phone


4. Invoxia NVX 610   

Panasonic KX-TGP500 IP Phone


5. Panasonic KX-TGP500    $155

Buying tips to find the Best Audio IP Phone of 2015

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