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RIM is best known as the developer of Blackberry smartphone. The best blackberry phones are often the best phones for business use as the blackberry OS has been specifically tailored to support business services and communication. The Blackberry phones are useful as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices and are known for the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) service.

The Blackberry Messenger Service allows you to send and receive instant messages, e-mails etc through mobile network or through Wi-Fi. Blackberry phones are designed to perform well as business phones and usually come with qwerty keyboards, enterprise level security features etc.

Blackberry OS is a proprietary OS developed and used solely by RIM and its Blackberry range. Designed basically for a business usage, these OS serve that purpose well. Many business services and communication facilities come integrated with these.

Recent versions support a user friendly touch-interface. The app store is also growing consistently. So Blackberry OS presently serves the needs of an entertainment OS also and will be ideal for those looking forward to integrating their PDA into a modern smartphone.
The latest version is the Blackberry 10 OS.

The advantages of Blackberry phones are mainly good call clarity, web browsing, messaging and mailing functions. New phones also come with powerful processors suitable for multi-tasking, superior cameras and good multimedia capabilities.

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