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Blu-Ray players are no longer a novelty but quite a familiar phenomenon. This article is a heads up for those of you who're out to purchase your first Blu-Ray player, but if you're already aware of the ins and outs of buying one, scroll straight down to our product listing below, where you'll find individual product rankings, specs and price options.

The reason Blu-Ray players took off so fast, so well is because of the high resolution video quality they offer (720p, 1080i, 1080p), among many other advantages; and with world cinema switching over to full HD why would you want to watch your favorite movies in anything other than the best quality it supports? What's more, with Blu-ray players appearing at subsidised price tags beginning at less than $100 and Blu-Ray discs at around $10, they're quite irresistible. The best thing about a Blu-ray player is that they're an added benefit without usurping the value of your venerable CD/DVD collection; they play Audio CDs and DVDs just as well as Blu-Ray discs and better than your DVD player.

Blu-Ray players come with the mechanism to play Blu-ray [1]movies which have a multiple channel surround sound format, so you don't have to strike a bargain with the sound dynamics for the sake of awesome video. With this Dolby or DTS surround sound support you can connect your speakers to the player for the immersive effect you get in a cinema hall.

Coming to the host of other features contained in today's Blu-Ray players, we address the connectivity issue. Almost all Blu-ray players have HDMI output ports, to connect to your HDTV, but in the event of there being no HDMI input on your TV, look for compatible audio and video ports to match your receiver or TV. If you're choosy about an HDMI input port, do a quick probe on its capabilities and limitations. Your player will also be internet ready with either a built-in Wi-Fi, Wi-fi-ready feature that just requires an adapter, or an ethernet port(in more basic models), depending on its price.

Last, but far from being the least significant is the 3D feature that's worth much more than it costs. Aside from giving you that breathtaking 3D HD experience, the best Blu-Ray player is 3D Ready and will give you stunning 2D performance while you wait for the next 3D movie to release.

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