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The best budget Acer laptops can come under $700 and have Windows 8/Windows 7 Home Premium/Google Chrome operating systems running on them. Screen sizes of 10 inch to 17 inch can be bought at this price range.

Acer laptops available at low price are configured with Intel, AMD and Pentium processors of which Core i3/Core i5 powered laptops would be good options. With integrated graphics processor you can get most of the day to day tasks done easily. Also, 4GB RAM, hard drive of 320GB capacity with speed of 5400RPM should be your choice while buying budget Acer laptops. Some of these top rated budget Acer laptops make use of SSD and cloud storage for faster access to data..

To help you get the most at less price, we have listed the best Budget Acer laptops based on the top laptop reviews from around the internet.

Buying tips to find the Best Budget Acer Notebook of 2014

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