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Handheld GPS units are available in a wide range of sizes and host features depending on the price you are willing to pay.

Since you're looking for a budget handheld be prepared to lose out on a lot of those popular features, from Bluetooth to the text-to-speech facilities. Mentioned here are a few of the points you could consider shelling out for.

Mapping: This is the most essential feature of any GPS, budget or high end. Most low budget GPS devices come with built-in base maps for navigation. Budget handhelds do not come with built-in detailed maps. And what's a GPS without detailed maps, really? Base maps are fine for elementary navigation but will not be sufficient to guide you too accurately. If you're looking for a handheld GPS, the chances are, you might considering using it for trekking, hiking or geocaching, and all of these activities require detailed maps. The maps are available for buying from the store or can be purchased online from the company website. However make sure your unit isn't one of those that do not support detailed maps or downloading them.

Memory: Some of the cheaper handheld GPS units do not have inbuilt memory at all and depend entirely on a memory slot, while some have small inbuilt memories and no expandable memory slot. Neither is really advisable. You need a GPS with as much inbuilt memory as your budget can offer. You need to be able to load maps, at least 1000 waypoints and points of interest etc. In addition if you have an SD slot as well it would work great to download any information you need from your computer.

Coming to the build and other features of your budget handheld, look for a screen of around 2 inches to 3 inches depending on the cost. It would be great for outdoor activities if you got a waterproofing element like the IPX6 or IPX7 as well. Scroll down to view our collection of the best budget handheld GPS options for you.

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