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LED TVs are generally higher up the price bar when compared to LCD and even plasma televisions. Nevertheless, budget conscious folk should remember that it's still a pretty good investment considering the power savings you make. This is because LED TVs consume less than half the power that their plasma and LCD counterparts consume.

Low priced LED TVs are typically available from Philips, Toshiba and Vizio, for around $200. You have to be prepared however for smaller screen sizes and fewer features.

While it is great to find a television in a likable budget, there are a few things to make sure you've got. Most LED TVs are Full HD, which means theyĆ¢??re capable of playing true 1080p picture. However, there are still a few models out there that stop at just 720p, and these are certainly not a recommendable investment as 1080p is soon going to become the standard for digital cinema.

A good refresh rate of 120 Hz to 240 Hz is a must. Anything falling below 120Hz is going to make sports scenes and even action movies a very disappointing watch due to much motion blur.

Ascertain that your LED TV has an energy star rating and get the highest rating your budget can offer, or the point of trying to save up on electricity bills in the long run would be lost. Our list below is tailor-made for price conscious folk and is arranged in the ascending order of price and depicts the recommended LED TVs with a Reviewgist score of 60.

Buying tips to find the Best Budget LED TV of 2014 - 2015

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