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Plenty of camcorder features are available at the sub-$1500 budget - flash media as well as hard drive, full-HD, one or 3CCD, a large LCD screen, great resolution still shots, extra optical zoom, and pleasingly plenty of manual control options.

Some of the best camcorders under 1500 dollar come with all the bells, whistles and more, that video enthusiasts love to have in their devices - high video resolution, outstanding low-light performance and an expanded dynamic range, and lots of input and output interface options for audio and video. Look carefully and you'll find top-rated camcorders under 1500 dollar that include customisable buttons, wireless microphone, color viewfinder and even underwater capability.


Canon XA10
Canon XA10 Camcorder
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Release Date
Jan 2011
HDD Size
64.0 GB
Optical Zoom
10.0 x
Recording Format
Flash Media
Recording System
Camcorder Type
CCD Quantity
Memory Still Resolution
2.07 MegaPixels
Recordable Media
Flash Media
Average Rating
 4.3 stars
100% Positive

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