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We looked at the top digital cameras released over the last year and filtered the ones highly rated by the top cellphone reviewers from around the web to bring you this list of the best camera for documentary. Additionally, this list of the documentary cameras is filtered by the ones which support ISO speed of atleast 1000, sensor size of at least 10 mm, HD video recording capability.

The HD video recording capability of the latest digital cameras makes them viable for the documentary filmmaking. If you are buying a professional digital camera, i.e., a DSLR, HD video capturing feature is an inbuilt in most of these cameras. Also, preferring digital camera over a camcorder is economical sometimes if you need to capture high quality images and videos through a single device.

To convey or report the information effectively through your documentary and to view them in a widescreen format, your digital cameras should necessarily support 720p or 1080p video resolution. And the same resolution will useful when you want to upload your document on YouTube.

Another form of producing a documentary is the documentary photography where a series of photographs captured through a DSLR, speak about a informative thing.

Since it might be capturing of moving and distant things sometimes, it is better to opt a camera with great auto focusing and optical zoom options. A camera resolution of atleast 18 Megapixel would be great if you want to print the photos. Along with the mentioned features, the best camera for documentary should also support great battery backup and good storage options.

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