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Macro photography is a process of capturing very small things from a very close range, which needs special type of lens and sensors. The best cameras for macro photography are the professional DSLRs which achieve the required high magnification, and the captured photograph is generally bigger than the subject. Since the captured image is magnified to most extent, attention is generally focused on detail (undetectable by the eye), pattern, and texture while capturing a macro photograph. The subjects for macro photography include minute artistic details on very small objects, small living organisms like insects, and flowers.

The best standard point-and-shoot cameras provide a mode for capturing pretty good macro photographs but fail at offering - aperture settings, autofocus, manual control over the change of lens and, the optical viewfinders.

Since DSLRs allow you to change the lens, hence you can use the macro lens which specifically are designed for macro photography. The magnified image which is going to be saved on the sensor after capturing, can be previewed using the optical viewfinders found on these digital cameras.

Tips for manual settings: Using a wider aperture results in a clear focus on your subject and you could also try avoiding autofocus if you need sharp and consistent photos. Digital cameras, including point-and-shoot cameras sometimes, with smaller sensors are perfect for macro photography barring the quality of reproduction from the DSLRs.

The best digital cameras for macro photography selection includes some of the top professional cameras rated favourably by some of the finest digital camera reviewers and filtered by those which support at least 3 frames per second, image sensor size and ISO speed of atleast 10 mm and 1000 respectively.

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