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The objective behind having a GPS in a car instead of a map is to simplify the entire navigation procedure as much as possible. To serve the purpose, the unit must have a large enough display (preferably a touch screen interface) that enhances readability, so most of the excelling models go from 3.5" to 5" displays or larger still. To further simplify the entire navigate-while-driving process, the voice command amenity eliminates the need to take your hands of the steering, and you can give and receive instructions keeping your eyes on the road. This is exactly what Garmin gives you.

Besides, many of Garmin's best offerings are the fixed models, although they do also manufacture mountable and portable ones for users who want the flexibility of using it more than one vehicle.

All these advantages however, can only be availed if your Garmin is loaded with accurate maps of the country, and this doesn't mean just the basic maps most GPS devices come along with. Many of the better devices offer detailed maps of various regions and Garmin, unlike many other brands also gives you the flexibility of loading third party maps of your choice.

Apart from these benefits and other handy features like lots of waypoints, a trip calculator and data cards, the best Garmin car GPS also grants you the convenience of doing your phone calls more easily through an integrated Bluetooth.

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