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The best GPS units for a car have excellent navigational features and are simple to operate.

The key feature behind the best car GPS is a transflective touch screen to facilitate information input while driving and grant good readability in any environment. Having audible prompts for navigation is a further benefit, as is subscription free mapping software and easily manoeuvrable menus.

Your car's GPS must also necessarily support traffic services to provide real time traffic updates, such as rife trends and blocked roads and supply alternative directions to your destination. Trip calculators are a definite plus to help you navigate through the quickest way possible by optimizing your route and bypassing unnecessary encounters like toll roads or highways.

An absolutely sturdy vehicle mount is critical for an automobile GPS which would be fitted onto the dashboard or the windshield of your car. The best driving GPS support atleast ten hours of battery life and include a charger that can be fitted to the cigarette lighter of your car.

Buying tips to find the Best Car GPS Device of 2014

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