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Casio is a Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing company which has the credits of releasing a first consumer digital camera with an LCD screen, a first consumer 3 Megapixel camera and the first ultra compact model. Casio now manufactures mostly compact and point and shoot cameras under the Exilim product line. The best Casio digital cameras under the Exilim product line combine the proprietary technology for high-speed image processing, high-speed burst shooting, longer battery life and slim design.

Casio has various generations of famous digital cameras to its credit and recently the manufacturer has started producing High Speed System Exilim cameras. In the first generation, the High Speed (HS) System Cameras included bulkier models before the company went for producing compact cameras (Downsizing) in 2009.

Later in the second generation (2010) came the different versions of HS cameras with Exilim Engine (processor) for quick, exquisite and fun photography with features like Premium Auto Pro, i.e., the continuous photo shooting with continuous shutter image-merging technology.

The latest and third generation (from 2012) of Exilim line of Casio cameras adopt Triple Zero development theme for accelerated evolution of Exilim Engine HS and offering high-speed performance along with zero time lag, zero blur and zero camera shake.

The best Casio compact cameras are available in various colors and are classified under the two lineups: High Speed Exilim and Exilim. The most recent are the High Speed Exilim Cameras with features like up to 16.1 Megapixel cameras, 18x optical zoom and 3 inch LCD screen. Whereas the Exilim cameras offer shooting photos in resolutions of up to 20.1 Megapixel, 24x optical zoom (ultra zoom), 3.2 inch LCD touch screens. Most of the listed Casio digital cameras are compact and ultra-compact models affordable under $350 price range.

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