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The best cellphones for internet use support some of the best displays available in the market. Our best cellphones for internet list includes those with big displays for a convenient browsing experience. Also included are the iPhones which even though do not have the biggest displays, but the screen quality and usability more than makes up to give users an unmatched internet experience.

With a screen size of at least 2.3 inch, we have listed out the better screen cellphones of all the price ranges which have got the best reviews. A bigger screen with better technology implemented on it always better for a greater readability while browsing the web. The best Samsung smartphones have AMOLED screens which are highly recommendable upon the aging LCD screen, for better outdoor reading. If you are keen on the low power consuming LCD screens, try out the IPS LCD screens deployed majorly on LG devices.

The best cellphones for internet usage should support the latest high speed connectivity features including Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G LTE. When you are choosing a cellphone from any of the US carriers, make sure that you opt for the one with best data plans. Apart from the screen and the support for faster networks, it is important for your cellphone to have a good battery life too. The cellphones with the highest ReviewGist Scores have the reviews which have top ratings for most features including the screen, connectivity features and battery life. And the best cellphones for internet are available from the brands such as Samsung, LG and Motorola under the $200 price segment.

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