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QWERTY keypads are a miniature version of the typical modern day computer keyboard, and are named after the first 6 keys on the keyboard.

To be implemented on a cell phone, the size of a QWERTY keyboard has naturally to be reduced, and most QWERTY keypads comprise just the letters of the alphabet, a space bar, enter key and a punctuation key. With several keys bearing more than one role, numbers and other functions are operative by simultaneously pressing an ALT key.

Since creating documents and emails on cell phones has become such an excessive need these days, phones with keyboards have become a most essential requirement; largely due to the fact that typing is rendered much easier. One doesn't have to press a button several times to get a desired symbol; instead it's as simple as it would be on your computer. The best QWERTY phones today implement the QWERTY keypad in a most efficient and compact manner, by either placing them in sliding or flip phones, or virtual QWERTY keypads in touch screen phones.

Furthermore, the best QWERTY keyboard phones of 2013 are also integrated with word processing software for typing and storing large documents, making your entire typing, documenting and emailing needs, accessible on your handset. The best QWERTY mobiles have been acknowledged and top rated by some of the best cellphone reviewers as the perfect cellphones for faster letter typing in SMS, email and many other texting applications.

Check out our list of best cellphones with keyboard, top rated by some of the best cellphone reviewers around the web. This list also includes the best slider smartphones of 2013.

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