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The best cellphones to take pictures match a high megapixel count (5-12 Megapixel) with some good sensors. Sensors are important because megapixels in itself won't guarantee the best image quality.

The best phones for taking pictures have great ancillary features like flash and a dedicated camera key apart from high resolution and good sensors. Also, important is the availability of social sharing tools inbuilt into the cellphones. Most cellphones currently offer the ability to seamlessly share your pictures on social sites like facebook and twitter.

Additionally, also look for basic image editing software. Geotagging is another advanced feature that you can look for and is indispensable to organize your photos if you do a lot of outdoor photography.

The availability of a flash is a prerequisite for indoor/low-light photography. Professionals will also be interested in advanced features like variable shutter speed and optical zoom.

For best cell picture quality look for sensor size, megapixel count, flash and ISO.

Buying tips to find the Best Cell Phone For Taking Pictures of 2014 - 2015

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