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The smartphones are now capable of navigation with the numerous apps available. This spells an end for the dedicated car GPS. In order to woo back the customers, major brands such as Garmin, Magellan are offering extra features such as multimedia capabilities, bluetooth, mp3 players, even audio books etc. These may be standard in the fixed in-dashboard top end GPS systems. But in the lower priced versions, all the basic GPS navigational features are available at around $150 or less.

Typically the prices varies depending on the GPS devices screen size and features. The portable or handheld GPS with screen sizes around 3.5 inches have the internal or downloaded maps with around 2000 waypoints, rechargeable batteries. The map upgrades additionally cost extra to keep track of latest updates.

Providing lifetime map upgrades, text-to-speech, live traffic updates, connecting to your car stereo, voice commands for hands free use, better receivers, with bigger screens of 4+ inches, touchscreens for input are some of the features available in the top end models.

The devices available for selection of the best cheap or budget car GPS is displayed below based on their increasing prices.

Buying tips to find the Best Cheap Car GPS of 2014

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