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The best cheap ebook readers offer excellent portability because of their compact design and longer battery life. These low-priced ebook devices provide good reading experience with their 6-inch e-ink screens displaying crisp and clear texts. An internal memory of 2GB is the norm in the top rated cheap ebook readers.

While looking for the best cheap ebook readers, it is important to consider the features which are required for better readability and the additional functionalities which come packed for increased usability. Users may not get built-in lighting in cheap ebook readers, but the screens present are well suited for indoor and outdoor reading. A few of the the topmost cheap ebook readers may also include touch screens which feels more natural and can be more productive for taking notes.

When focusing on availability of content, there are plenty of books accessible from a large number of online stores; magazines and newspapers can also be selected from a wide range of options. At low price point, one can get topmost ebook readers with support for text formats like DOC, HTML,TXT, PDF etc. Also, Amazon e-readers are affordable under $80 which can be used for reading books in AZW format which is a popular Amazon's proprietary.

To help budget-conscious users, we present below our listing of the recommended ebook readers which are from brands like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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