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Everyone wants a good printer costing less. Usually the best inexpensive or cheap printers are the monochrome printers, either laser or inkjet variant. Available at less than $150 they can print good quality copies. Ideally suited for the home office environment, they can print large quantities faster.

For the small or home office settings, the all-in-ones are best suited as they are both cost and space saving. The top brands are Brother, Canon, Samsung which offer both color and monochrome options. Also equipped with wireless feature, these printers are capable of printing either from mobiles or when connected to WiFi networks.

As the number of features increase the cost of the printers also increase. You can also save money by opting for refilling the ink cartridges. Although the print quality may not be upto the mark, it will suffice for the regular print usage. Most of the manufacturers offers deals for exchanging the cartridges as part of their marketing strategy.

Laser printers though initially costly, work out cheaper in long run due to less frequent replacements of toner cartridges when compared to the inkjets. Plus the fact that they print faster, both colored and black/white prints makes them more suitable than inkjets.

There is no rule that only expensive printers yield good prints. For the budget conscious, there are various options to choose from in the lower priced category of printers. With different combinations of lasers, all-in-ones, inkjets one can get the best print quality of text, graphics or photos. Check out the best inexpensive or cheap printers that are listed below based on the ratings and in the increasing order of their prices.

Buying tips to find the Best (Cheap) Inexpensive Printer of 2014

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