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Notebooks with touch capability are intuitive, therefore you need not rely just on mice and touchpads. Most touch screen laptops are expensive and a few of them are budget friendly too. Windows 8 operating system have made it possible for the manufacturers to produce touch screen laptops which are affordable under $700. Currently, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, HP and Acer are the topmost producers of the best price touch screen notebooks.

Features and specifications:
The best cheap touch screen laptops have responsive, bright and high-resolution displays. Moreover, the laptops must have strong build quality. The touch screen budget laptops find usage in office and travel. Be sure that these touch screen laptops have keyboard flexibility and basic networking features of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you will opt for small screens, the laptops are going to cost less.

The topmost cheap touch screen notebooks accommodate at least 2GB RAM and Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5 processors for multitasking and multimedia. Laptop convertibles are worth mentioning here when we are talking about cheap touch screen notebooks. These convertibles are portable providing you the benefit of tablets and more productive being notebooks containing suitable hardware.

Options from manufacturers:

  • Asus and HP manufacture lightweight laptops to ensure mobility with features necessary for everyday computing. These touch screen laptops are good for web browsing and have keyboards for performing office work.
  • Lenovo laptops offer comfortable keyboards and bright screens while Sony laptops are just right for video editing.
  • For more powerful laptops with Intel Core i5 processors you probably need to choose Acer laptops and Chromebooks from Google.

Now that you have an idea of what the best cheap touch screen laptop should be like, make your buying decision easier with our product listing.

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