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Founded in 1969, Clarity, a division of Plantronics helps people with health issues such as arthritis, low vision and hearing capacity by providing better ergonomically designed, amplified phones with notification systems and listening devices which helps in better hearing.

Being the pioneers in this segment, the best Clarity phones use the below mentioned advanced technologies in the field of sound amplification to help in enhancing the listening experiences of the elderly or the physically impaired.

Clarity logic: A unique feature of the reliable Clarity phones where, with the press of a blue button, the caller is directly connected to a representative who receives information about that particular phone details, sets whatever functions required by the user remotely ( such as program a new number or volume control). A very handy feature for the elderly or arthritis ridden people.

Clarity Power technology: The frequencies of the sound are amplified to reduce noise and other disturbances present in our normal conversations to help people who are hard of hearing to listen clearly to their family and friends.

Digital Clarity Power: A unique technology patented by Clarity wherein phones are able to recognise human voice and ignore the other noise and disturbances. It amplifies only the human voice using the same principle used in hearing aids.

Design: The wide range of phones from Clarity all have a common design with large soft keys, backlit number pads. The handsets having hearing aid compatible designs are the best phones that Clarity offers to people who use hearing aids. The amplified phones from Clarity is recognized by the Arthritis Foundation with an Ease-of-Use recommendation wherein they are ergonomically designed for people suffering from arthritis. Having a large visual indicator to let you know about the incoming call it is of great help for people with low vision.

Features: The top rated amplifier phones from Clarity amplifies the incoming sound ranging from 30-50 dB and outgoing sound by about 20dB. The loud and clear speaker phones have a talk back feature for speed dial buttons that announces the names of the person whose number is set to speed dial. Amplified Captioned phones are another line of phones from this company where a real time online transcription of your conversation is displayed on the touch screens. The adjustable ringer volume, caller ID and call wait feature, answering machine are some of the standard features which you expect from these phones.

Pricing: The most selling Clarity phones are priced in the range of 30$ - $70 with the top end models in the range of above $100. The pricing should not matter when you consider the better sound quality which the elderly can enjoy.

For giving the elderly or people with low hearing or vision a chance to have a clear conversation with family and friends, select from the best Clarity phones which is rated by experts from around the web.

Clarity Ensemble 58003.001 Touch Screen Phone


1. Clarity Ensemble    $94

Clarity E814 Phone


2. Clarity E814   

Clarity XL45 Phone


3. Clarity XL45   

Clarity C410 900 MHz 1-Line Cordless Phone


4. Clarity C410    $7.95

Clarity XLC2 Amplified Cordless Phone


5. Clarity XLC2   

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