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New York based Coby Electronics corporation is a manufacturer of electronics and consumer electronics, with the sale of their products extending as far as South America, China, Europe and even Asia. When it comes to DVD players, Coby leads the market with a stunning variety of models from ultra compact to portable players.

Coby's ultra compact and compact DVD players are known for their stock of features from multiple language subtitles and Dolby surround sound support to picture zoom and progressive scanning capabilities.

On the other hand, the best Coby DVD players are the slightly less compact upconversion DVD players that use HDMI support to upscale standard definition pictures into high definition. We seek to warn consumers that this is just upconverted HD content as opposed to true HD content where the source itself is 720p or 1080p, and can never match up to the latter in quality. Yet, this is still the best video a DVD player can give, because unlike Blu-Ray players, a DVD player's maximum resolution is 480p and they're not equipped to support HD resolution. Additionally, the HDMI output port provided is great if you want to boost the audio with a surround sound system since Coby's DVD players are all fitted with Dolby decoders.

Coby's also got a wide range of portable DVD players for travelers who find it hard to temper their movie addiction. With a generous 7 inch screen on the player backed by surround sound support, enjoy watching movies and listening to music even on a trekking camp! Furthermore, unlike most of the best portable DVD players, Coby's models do not halt at just Dolby decoders and large displays, but also pool in a couple of speakers inside the casing, on either side of the screen. This is great provided you don't mind the extra size, because obviously these players would be bulkier than other portable DVD players which use a foldable panel for the screen.

Given below along with individual specs and prices, is our list of the the top rated Coby DVD players with even more features than imaginable (Karaoke!).

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